Andover, MN, Custom Garage Door

Customized garage doors can be as unique and personalized as you want them to be. While some service providers may have issues meeting the exact requirements of the client’s unique needs, we are different in our approach.

At Elite Garage Door Services, LLC, we take pride in the fact that we tailor every garage door to the exact specification of the clients. There is no design too fancy or features too complicated that our team cannot deliver.

We have some of the best individuals on our team who go above and beyond to make the garage doors perfect for our clients. We also have every piece of equipment that is required to complete the repairing, replacing and installing the garage doors.

Andover, MN, Custom Garage Door Services

Just take a look at one of our recent projects, and you will see what we mean. This home had a service door through which the garage was accessed. However, this was causing a lot of problems for the homeowners.

After careful evaluation and assessment, our team installed a custom high-lift tracking. This door was accompanied by a door opener LiftMaster 8500w which is wall mounted. The new system of the garage door got rid of the tracking problem that was previously plaguing the homeowners.

The team had to install three garage doors along with three separate openers. This is a great example of our team’s capability of standing up to the challenges and meeting the specific needs of our clients.

We were able to achieve this through a combination of using the latest tools as well as the participation of a stellar team. We can do the same for you and your garage door. Give us a call today or fill-up the form on the website to get a free estimate. We are ready to offer you our service.