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If your garage door is causing you problems, it can take a long amount of time to even diagnose the problem with an untrained eye. Also there might need to be specific equipment and tools that you may need to do a garage door repair properly. Elite Garage Door has been providing full scale garage door repairs in Waconia, MN over the years. We take pride in our craftsmanship, and it shows through with our dedicated employees and thousands of repairs in the twin cities area. Elite Garage Door is looking to be your preferred garage door repair expert in Waconia. If you are looking for a FREE onsite estimate for any garage door repairs in Waconia, give us a call today at (952) 800-7503.

What can we repair?

Elite Garage Door can repair any type of garage door that you may have. If it’s got a garage door, we can fix it or replace it. Elite Garage Door also fixes commercial or residential garage doors.

Some common parts that we have to repair on garage doors are:

  • Hinges: Sometimes hatches on your garage door can rust and start to lose their strength, once they break it’s time to replace the hinge to get the garage door working efficiently again.
  • Garage Door Openers: When the garage door opener starts to fail, it can be because of a lot of different reasons. From gears working improperly, to garage door sensors failing over time, it can be a lot of different reasons in the end.
  • Springs: Springs eventually give in after years of stress with helping the garage door go up and down and keeping the pressure off of the tracks and other parts. Once they fail you need to either replace one or both springs depending on the size of the garage.
  • Cables: Cables eventually rust and can start to fall apart, once that happens it’s difficult to repair them yourself without the proper tools. Give us a call at Elite Garage Door for a FREE onsite estimate at (952) 800-7503.

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Elite Garage Door proudly serves all of the twin cities area for garage door repair. We enjoy helping residents in Waconia with getting their garage door repaired quickly with quality parts and labor. Give us a call today for a FREE onsite quote at (952) 800-7503.

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