Garage Door Repair Lino Lakes

Garage door repair can come in a lot of different types. From garage door openers to garage door cables & springs, it can be a lot of different reasons why your garage door doesn’t work correctly. Elite Garage Door is one of the leaders in garage door repair in Lino Lakes, MN. We understand that each and every garage door is different, and that’s why we only send out the best technicians with years of experience, so they can diagnose and fix your garage door issue quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today for a FREE quote at (651) 300-0960 for any of your Lino Lakes garage door repair needs. Elite Garage Door can also repair both residential and commercial garage doors.


  • Garage Door Cables: Eventually garage door cables start to rust and fray and will eventually snap. Once this happens, it’s time to call Elite Garage Door at (651) 300-0960 for a FREE onsite quote. Both garage door cables must be replaced at this point so that the other garage door cable doesn’t snap shortly down the line also.
  • Garage Door SpringsOnce garage door springs start to lose their strength, they eventually bust. Depending on how many garage door springs your garage door has, it may be just one garage door spring, or both garage door springs that need to be replaced.
  • Faulty Garage Door Opener: Lots of problems can start to come up with garage door openers down the line. Anything from garage door remotes to garage door sensors or gears can start to cause issues. Elite Garage Door can diagnose and repair any make or model of garage door opener.

Elite Garage Door Repairs any make or model of garage door. We can do full garage door installations and garage door replacements for garage doors that are too old and are turning into safety issues. Give us a call today at (651) 300-0960 for any of your garage door repair needs in Lino Lakes.


  • 200+, 5 star google ratings: Our high ratings online show that Elite Garage Door is consistently one of the preferred garage door repair companies in Lino Lakes.
  • Employees: We don’t send out contractors, only the best employees who are bonded & insured.
  • Family Owned: Elite Garage Door is a family owned small business located in the northern metro.

Call Elite Garage Door today at (651) 300-0960 for a FREE onsite quote. We service all makes and models and are striving to be the best garage door repair company in the twin cities. Our reviews show that we enjoy what we do and enjoy leaving each and every customer satisfied with their garage door repair.

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