Garage Door Repair East Bethel

If you have a broken garage door, it could be a result of years of damage on the door mechanisms or sudden breakage of the garage door and may be due to the hardware. Whatever may be the reason, a malfunctioned garage door can seriously affect the security of your garage as well as your daily schedule. But don’t worry because Elite Garage Door Repair is in East Bethel now.

Elite Garage Door offers same-day emergency garage door repair in East Bethel and the surrounding areas. We are specialized in replacing and repairing broken garage door cables, rollers, springs, sensors, hinges and weather sealings. We can also install and adjust your garage door springs and tracks to ensure that your door opens smoothly.

Our services are not only limited to the repair and replacements of the garage doors. If you are facing issues with the garage door locks or openers we can replace and repair that too. Therefore, Elite Garage Door offers you a one stop solution for all types of Garage door services for residential as well commercial property. Take a look at some of our Garage Door Services:


If your garage door is not functioning properly, it’s time to give us a call. So, whenever you need to fix your garage door to allow dependable and safe operations, always make sure to get the genuine and the original door repair service.

•Garage Door Opener Repair: Our professionally skilled technicians are quite familiar with the repairs on all types of makes and models of garage door openers. In case the repair for the existing opener is not feasible, easy replacement door openers are readily available.
•Garage Door Cable Repair: Cables are important parts of the door that should operate together for smooth operation. To get the cables repaired is a challenging task if not done under the supervision of skilled technicians. Our technicians are well trained to repair your garage door cables quickly and efficiently.
•Garage Door Spring Repair: Do you have a broken torsion spring on your garage door? The temperature variations and strain for many years can lead to a broken garage door spring. Our professionals can handle damaged springs and repair them at your convenience.


•Residential: Are you planning to build a new house that needs a new garage door? Or do you want to replace your old damaged, slow door? Whatever the need is, we would like to hear from you. We have a wide variety of material and styles from steel, wood, aluminum and many others to choose from. New or old, just give us a call and we will come prepared to install a brand new, well-functioning garage door for your house.
•Commercial: Business owners don’t like to wait for getting the door repaired or installed. That’s why we provide same day installation service for a new garage door or a replacement garage door in just one single visit.


The heart of your garage door operation, the garage door opener serves as a controlling unit for the smooth opening and closing of the door. To install a new opener or replace the old one, contact Elite Garage Door at (763) 200-5197.

So, don’t let your unwanted garage door issues keep you away from completing all the important things you want to do. Call a technician from Elite Garage Door in East Bethel today, and we’ll get your garage door up and running in just not time.

Elite Garage Door technician with a black shirt and tan shorts standing on a ladder working on a garage door opener.