Garage Door Repair Otsego

Garage doors are one of the primary entryways to your home. Hence, it’s very important to make sure that it is always secure and in working condition. If you are facing problems with your garage door, then you certainly need a professional. Who can help you to determine weather needs a garage door repair or directly needs to be changed. Therefore, all the homeowners and business owners in Otsego and surrounding areas believe in Elite Garage Door for garage door repair.

We are locally owned operators and have been serving major communities of Minnesota including Otsego. Elite Garage door value our customers, and you can be assured of the best quality repair and replacement or garage door installation. The full range of service include:

  • From repairing current garage door, for instance openers, springs, pulleys and cables
  • To the installation of the new doors for both commercial and residential properties


You don’t need to learn how to install a new garage door opener because Elite Garage Door has you covered. With the independent, professional garage door installers, from measurements to the final opener installation, we cover it all.


The garage door is as important as the main entry door of your house. It protects your vehicles from bad weather and can act as an extra storage area for your belongings. Here are some of the garage door repairs offered by Elite Garage Door .

• Garage Door Spring Repair: In most of the cases, garage door spring repair involve complete replacements because springs function fine until the time comes when they completely break. Springs are part of the door itself, not the opener. Get a technician to look into the condition of the spring and offer you the replacement to get your door moving again.
• Garage Door Cable Repair: Garage Door Cables are wires formed together to create strands and are used for lifting the garage door up using the tension provided. Getting the cables repaired or replaced is a job that you would like to leave to the technicians. Our service technicians will look into the problem and will fix it immediately.
• Garage Door Opener Repair: Whether you are not able to close or open the door or reverse, various issues can come with the garage door opener. We suggest you consult a technician and get it repaired or replaced on time because after all, nobody wants to have a non-functional garage door.


Whether you are searching for a new garage door for your garage at home or some commercial location, the main aim is always to receive the best service and product at the best price. And no other competitor can offer you the both like Elite Garage Door.

If you are at Otsego and want immediate attention to your garage door, use our 24/7 emergency service. Our technicians will educate you about every little detail they work on. Call us today at (763) 200-5197 and speak to our support team to request a visit.

Elite Garage Door technician with a black shirt and tan shorts standing on a ladder working on a garage door opener.