Garage Door Repair Edina

Elite Garage Door is consistently being rated highly for garage door repair in Edina and the twin cities area. We understand that garage door repair can be difficult to do yourself. From diagnosing the issue, to finding the correct parts and then installing them correctly, it can be a very time & labor intensive ordeal. Elite Garage Door enjoys helping our customers find the best garage door repair option in the area. Give us a call for a FREE onsite estimate at (952) 800-7503.


  • Garage Door Opener Repair: Just like with every part on your garage door, time and weathering and regular wear and tear over the years can cause your garage door opener to begin to fail. Once this happens it can be hard to diagnose the exact issue, from the gears to electrical parts, it can be a few different issues. Call Elite Garage Door at (952) 800-7503 for a FREE onsite estimate today.
  • Spring Repair: Springs can lose their power over time through cold weather and regular use. After a while they eventually break and can cause a lot of problems with your garage door. The springs are needed to keep the weight of your garage door balanced to allow your garage door to go up and down easily.
  • Drum Repair: Garage Door drums, just like everything else, will break over time and eventually must be replaced because they will cause the cables to slip or to even get bundled up. A garage door drum is one of the hardest parts on a garage door to replace, and we can usually take care of these in the same day.

Elite Garage Door can do any type of garage door repair in Edina that you may need. If you can’t see what you are looking for on this list, give us a call at (952) 800-7503 for a FREE onsite estimate.

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