Garage Door Repair in Stacy, MN

Got a garage door that has been hit by car, works slowly or is simply non-functioning? A garage door can allow access to your house, and if it comes down on you suddenly, it can cause major injuries to people or damage your property.

Whatever your garage door needs are, we would like to hear from you because Elite Garage Door offers a complete solution to all the garage door related issues in Stacy and the surrounding areas. There is no reason for putting off your garage door problems when Elite Garage Door offers you same day, emergency service with simple solutions.

Some of our highlighted services include garage door repair, garage door parts repairs such as springs, pulleys, cables, panels and door openers. Besides that, we also offer garage door installation for residential as well as commercial properties in the Stacy,MN area. For quick and reliable service, Elite Garage Door is the only service company to fulfill all your requirements.


Commercial: Starting from the basics, your garage needs a door for the complete safety, and industrial units require some special type of garage doors to serve that purpose. At Elite, we also offer different types of quality garage doors for commercial units.
Residential: Garage door replacement involves removal of the opener, existing garage door followed by installation of openers and new garage doors along with weather seals around the insulated doors. Our technicians will also clean the site before leaving your premises.


This largest moving piece needs timely maintenance to function properly, just like any other mechanical device. Different types of garage door repairs include:

• Garage Door Opener Repair: For many residents, the garage door is more like the front door and used as the main entrance to the house. That’s why a garage door and its opener gets worked out as much as most of your home appliances. Therefore, it’s important to keep a check on door opener and should get repaired immediately for the smooth functioning of the door.
• Garage Door Cable Repair: If the cables break while you have parked your car inside the garage, the door will not open, and you will be left stranded. Get emergency repair service from Elite Garage Door at affordable prices.
• Garage Door Spring Repair: Garage doors can face lots of issues and are mostly easy to fix, but the problems around the spring can be more dangerous. The garage door springs provide lifting and are under tremendous tension. Get careless, and you are sure to get hurt. That’s why leave the tedious job to professionals and call us at (763) 200-5197.


The nucleus of your garage door is the opener which is always overlooked. The garage door openers are complex pieces containing many intricate parts that work in sync with each other to help raise and lower your door. We will recommend the best garage door opener for you.

Our team is known for passionate work ethics, timely arrival, quick problem evaluation and keeping the customers in the loop with every step. It’s just our way of taking care of your garage door. So if you are in Stacy, MN call us at (763) 200-5197 today to book a visit.

Elite Garage Door technician with a black shirt and tan shorts standing on a ladder working on a garage door opener.