Garage Door Repair Anoka

Elite Garage Door offers fast, guaranteed and professional garage door repair in Anoka and the surrounding twin cities metro area. Whether you are looking for garage door cables to be replaced, or a garage door panel to be replaced that was damaged, we can do it all at Elite Garage Door. We service all makes and models of garage doors, no matter if it’s a woodsteel or aluminum garage door. We also can repair both commercial and residential garage doors, something that not all garage door companies can do.


  • Cable Repair: When your cable breaks, it could be due to rust or fraying from continued use over the years. Once this happens it’s best to replace both cables to make sure that the other garage door cable doesn’t snap shortly down the road also.
  • Spring Repair: Springs start to lose their strength over time and eventually will break in the middle. If this happens you need to replace either one spring, or both springs depending on your garage door. Doing this is very difficult, especially in extreme Minnesota temperatures.
  • Drum Repair: When your garage door drum starts to malfunction or seizing, it can bunch up or cause a lot of issues with your garage door cables. Both garage door drums will have to be replaced in order to allow the garage door to continue to function well in the future.

Elite Garage Door can service all these repairs and more. Such as garage door openersgarage door replacement or anything that you may need. If it’s a garage door, Elite Garage Door can repair it if you are living in Anoka or the surrounding areas. Give us a call today for a FREE onsite estimate at (763) 200-5197. Our technicians are fast, professional and come highly rated with 5 star reviews. Call us now!

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