Garage Door Repair St. Louis Park

Are you looking for affordable, fast and professional garage door repair in St. Louis Park, MN? Elite Garage Door is the best garage door repair company in the twin cities area. Our 200+, 5 star google ratings show that we enjoy working with each customer so that they are satisfied with their garage door repairs in the twin cities area. Give us a call today for a FREE onsite quote at (952) 800-7503.


  • Drum Repair: Garage door drums allow the garage door cables to move up and down on the track smoothly. When they begin to malfunction, cables can start to get tangled up. Replacing drums yourself is a very labor intensive process, so if you have an issue with your garage door drums, give us a call today for a FREE onsite quote at (952) 800-7503.
  • Spring Repair: Springs are located at the top of your garage door. They help to balance the weight of a garage door efficiently. Each garage door either has 1 or 2 springs, depending on your garage door size. We can provide same day garage door spring repair in St. Louis Park.
  • Cable Repair: Eventually cables start to rust and can fray and lose their strength over time. When it gets bad enough, your garage door cable will snap and one side of your garage door may be hanging on the cable for support.
  • Garage Door Opener Repair: Garage Door Openers can start to have a lot of issues throughout time. Elite Garage Door can repair any make or model of garage door opener. Sometimes garage door openers need to be replaced after years of wear and tear.


Elite Garage Door can repair or fix any garage door, no matter the make or model. We service both residential and commercial garage doors. Garage doors that have become damaged by a vehicle or through weather may need to be replaced if the panels are too damaged to move up and down well. We can do it all, from diagnosing your issue to replacing it with low-cost, high quality garage door parts directly from the manufacturer. Give us a call today for a FREE onsite estimate at (952) 800-7503.

Outside of the brick clay colored St. Louis Park City Hall with trees in the front on a cloudy day.