Garage Door Repair in Big Lake

If you have a damaged garage door, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to install a new one. There are chances your garage door is not working smoothly because of a broken spring, damaged cables or pulley system. But how would you know what help you need? The answer is by contacting Elite Garage Door Repair company in Big Lake and surrounding areas.

Elite Garage Door are the locally owned garage door service company that offers all sorts of repairs, replacements and installations of garage doors from any manufacturer. Our services include Garage door maintenance, opener repair, spring repair, residential and commercial garage door repairs and replacements and sale of new garage doors and door openers. You ask for any service; we have it all.


Setting up a new garage in your house or business unit? Looking for a quality service contractor to get the job done? Contact Elite Garage Door today. We sell different types of garage doors from premiums brands. You can select for both residential and commercial installation purpose. We offer same day service so pick up your phone and call our service team at (763) 200-5197.


Now once you get the new garage door installed in your house or office, you don’t want to look for someone else to do the installation of the garage door opener which is a highly important part. Don’t worry we have that covered at the time of garage door installation itself. However, if your garage door opener is broken and you need a new one, we are just a call away to get it fixed in no time.


Garage Door repair is not exactly the replacement of the door, but it’s necessary components such as spring, cables, and door openers.

•Garage Door Spring Repair: The garage door spring repair needs precision and equipment to identify the problem. Instead of trying to fix it on your own, let our technicians take hold of the problem.
•Garage Door Opener Repair: The garage door opener needs to be opened thoroughly to check the faults. If there is a minor fault, we will take care of it or else we will suggest the replacement of the garage door opener for the smooth functioning of your garage door.
•Garage Door Cable Repair: We all know that garage door lowers and raises using the set of cables through pulleys system. If you run into a major problem with the cables, your door may get stuck in an awkward position or may not open at all. Get instant help from our technicians in the Big Lake area who come fully equipped to handle the broken door cables.

With the professional help, you can also get your garage door checked for any further problems to avoid potential harm. You also don’t need to waste time on testing out parts after repairing or replacing them on your own. All of residential and commercial customers in the Big Lake area can benefit from our high quality services.

Damaged and bent white steel garage door with panels.