Coon Rapids, MN, Garage Door Installation

Coon Rapids, MN, Garage Door Installation

If you have a malfunctioning garage door or some parts of it that may be giving you grief, it is time to give it a new life. You don’t have to watch your head every time you open the garage or look over your shoulders and struggle with it every time you need to use the car.

At Elite Garage Door Services, LLC, we have the latest designs, state of the art models, and many more in our inventory. We offer custom design garage doors for our clients, as well as readymade models. Whether you are looking for a basic design or you want an over the top and unique one, we’ve got it for you.

One of our recent projects required the team to install a garage door for our client at Coon Rapids, MN. The client chose a door that was unique, but it was perfect for them.

The design of the door was a traditional panel one. However, there was nothing traditional about its features. It comes with a new PVC weather seal as well as a 90 mph wind code bracing. The color of the door featured a smooth, warm walnut finish.

The door opener was nothing short of spectacular as well. The team paired the opener, which had a LiftMaster Professional WLED. It comes packed with innovative features, including a built-in LED. You can access the garage door via your smartphone, which makes it very convenient. It is also very quiet, which is another great feature.

You can install such a uniquely personal garage door such as this one or go for something which has the features that you need. Of course, you can also choose something that is basic yet functional. Give us a call or fill-up the form on our website to get a free estimate today.