Garage Door Cable Repair Eagan

A garage door cable is a small piece to the puzzle of a garage door, but once it snaps or fails to work properly, it can become a big issue. If your garage door cable and your springs malfunction at the same time, it can lead to serious damages. Doing a garage door cable repair yourself seems like an easy task, but it really involves working intricately to safeguard against other issues in the future. If your cables aren’t placed correctly, they may be too loose or even too tight and cause other components of your garage door to malfunction. Elite Garage Door offers affordable and reliable garage door cable repair in Eagan, MN.

Common garage door cable issues that lead to replacement:

  • Fraying: Over years of use, cables begin to fray over time by being constantly pulled up and down on the drums. Metal on metal over time begins to fray the cables and once it frays to a certain part, it will be snap and will need to be replaced.
  • Rust: Rust eventually will eat a garage door cable with corrosion and cause it to snap over time.
  • Falling off: Due to years of being used, a garage door cable will eventually lose it’s functionality and may eventually fall off from other parts getting old, such as ends and connection points.

All 3 of these reasons can cause cables to fail, and even more. Once your garage door cable snaps, it needs immediate attention so that your garage door can function again. Give us a call today for a FREE onsite estimate at (651) 300-0960

Benefits of using Elite Garage Door for your Eagan garage door cable repair:

  • Affordable: Elite Garage Door works directly with manufacturers for parts, so we pass the savings directly to our customers.
  • Same Day Service: We work with you to get you the best time available for your emergency garage door cable replacement.
  • Ratings: We have hundreds of 5 star google ratings. Which shows that we enjoy working with each customer to answer any question they may have, while leaving them satisfied.

Contact Elite Garage Door Today

Call us today for a FREE onsite quote at (651) 300-0960. We make sure to answer any questions you may have before we perform your garage door cable installation. We can repair both commercial and residential garage doors in Eagan, so call today for your FREE estimate.

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