Garage Door Cable Repair Maplewood

Living in Minnesota means that your garage door cable is exposed to more harsh weather and is effected by salt. Salt is notorious for leading to corrosion with metal. Garage door cables are made primarily of aluminum, so when your garage door cable starts to age, it usually will start to rust. Rust is one of the main reasons we see broken cables, so when your garage door cable starts to get rusty, it’s only a matter of time before it snaps. Replacing a garage door cable yourself may look easy, but once you start it involves a lot of finer details. Making sure the sensors are taken off properly and the cables are tightened to the manufacturers standards are just a couple of the details. If you are in need of a garage door cable repair in Maplewood give us a call today at (651) 815-0219 for your FREE onsite estimate. 

Common Issues with garage door cables:

Rust: As mentioned above, once a cable starts to get rusty, it’s only a matter of time before it will start to break. Once this happens both garage door cables will need to be removed from the drums and new cables will need to be installed.

Loose: After regular wear and tear, garage door cables will begin to get loose and may eventually fall off. This will call for replacing both garage door cables to make sure that the other garage door cable doesn’t fall off the drum later on down the line.

Too Tight: If your garage door cables are too tight, it might cause issues with the functionality of the garage door, and in turn may hurt other parts of the garage door, such as the springs.

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