Garage Door Cable Repair Shoreview

A garage door cable helps in lowering and lifting your garage door. When it becomes old, or rusts, it’s only a matter a time before it breaks. When your garage door cable breaks, it can become a huge issue. Your garage door will start to look lopsided and might even look like it’s about to fall off the tracks. Elite Garage Door can repair any make or model of garage door, even commercial and residential garage doors. Trying to repair a garage door cable yourself can be a very labor intensive situation. Cables need to be repaired quickly and efficiently to make sure that other components on your garage door don’t break. We have been providing cost effective Shoreview garage door cable repair for years now. Give us a call today for your FREE onsite estimate at (651) 300-0960.

Common issues with garage door cables:

  • Rust: When garage door cables become rusty, it’s only a matter of time before they will start to break and cause your garage door to look like it’s falling off the tracks.
  • Fraying: When a garage door cable gets older, it might start to fray, which will eventually lead them to break under the stress.
  • Loose: Garage door cables that are loose may become tangled over time. This will need further diagnosis to make sure that it isn’t another component that’s failing, such as a drum.

Advantages of using Elite Garage Door for your Shoreview garage door cable repair:

  • Fast: Elite Garage Door is fast and efficient, so we understand just what it takes to get your garage door to work again quickly. Give us a call today for your FREE onsite quote at (651) 300-0960.
  • Affordable: We work directly with manufacturers so we pass the savings onto you.
  • Professional: We have hundreds of 5 star reviews across google and yelp. We are consistently being rated as the best garage door company in Minnesota.

Contact Elite Garage Door today for your FREE onsite estimate at (651) 300-0960.

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