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Garage door installation in Blaine, MN can be difficult to come by. Elite Garage Door has been proudly serving all of the residents in Blaine for years now. Our high satisfaction ratings show that we enjoy doing what we do, and giving the twin cities residents the best garage door service available. We give each and every customer the best garage door service available, at an affordable price. We do garage door installation on both commercial garage doors and residential garage doors.

The most popular garage door materials:

Wood: Wood is great as it adds a unique style to each garage door and makes a home look rustic and elegant. Wood garage doors can take more wear and tear then usual. But later on down the line wood garage doors do need to be touched up and refinished. But they still are popular for garage door owners looking for a different look.

Steel: Steel garage doors are by far the most popular out of the garage door materials. They have gotten thicker over the years to allow steel garage doors to take more wear and tear than wood. If you’re worrying about dents or wear and tear on a steel door, it can be a smart idea to get a thicker steel garage door.

Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors aren’t as strong as steel garage doors, but for the garage door owner who is looking for third option other than wood or steel, aluminum might be a good option.

Contact Elite Garage Door Today:

Call us today for a FREE onsite estimate at (763) 200-5197. Our technicians go through background checks, years of training to make sure that you get the best garage door installation available in Blaine. Installing a garage door yourself can take hours, if not days of your time. That’s why Elite Garage Door is here to help in installing a garage door for your commercial or residential garage door.

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