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Quality garage door service in Burnsville, MN can be difficult to come by at times. Elite Garage Door was created to help commercial and residential customers in Burnsville, MN and the surrounding areas. A garage door can stop functioning at any time due to a lot of different reasons. If you don’t know what the problem is, it could take lots of time to even diagnose the issue. Elite Garage Door is here to save you time and money in the long run.

Just some of the garage door services we offer in Burnsville are:

Garage Door Service For Cables: Cables eventually start to have problems due to consistently pulling the garage door up and down from the tracks. Once the cables start to fray and get weak, it’s best to be proactive then and replace them. If the cable keeps getting worse, eventually it will snap, causing your garage door to become worthless. Elite Garage Door can perform a garage door cable replacement to get your garage door working like new again.

Garage Door Spring Service: Garage door springs also begin to fall apart after a period of time, just as cables do. Once your spring snaps, your garage door won’t be able to even work properly. Replacing a spring will increase the longevity of your garage door and allow you to get back to using your garage door quickly.

Other Garage Door Services in Burnsville: Elite Garage Door also offers affordable rates on drum replacement, garage door opener repair & replacement and garage door sensor replacement. When your sensor goes out, your door will start to have issues that you may not even know how to diagnose. Elite Garage door is able to diagnose and recommend an affordable solution for the fix.

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