Garage door maintenance is always important for any residential or commercial garage door owner, especially when the winter comes. Garage door maintenance before winter comes can always be a smart option. Cold winter months can cause garage door cables or springs to have malfunctions in subzero temperatures.

Garage Door Maintenance service we provide:

  • Garage door cable maintenance: Garage door cables can start to fray or become weak over time. Repairing a garage door cable before it becomes a problem can be a smart idea, especially for safety concerns.
  • Garage door spring maintenance: Garage Door springs over a period of time become worn down just like a garage door cable. Maintaining garage door springs is an important part to keep your garage door working well through time.
  • Garage door drum maintenance: A garage door drum along with a garage door spring and cable are some of the more common components that go wrong with a garage door. When this problem occurs, it can cause the cables to have issues.
  • Garage door opener maintenance: A garage door opener become faulty of having issues with being old can be from a few different factors. It could be different devices within the garage door that need to be replaced, or even the garage door opener itself needs to be replaced. If it’s an issue with the garage door opener remote then we can also diagnose that issue for routine maintenance.

Garage Door Maintenance is needed for both residential and commercial garage doors. Commercial garage doors need to be maintained up to different standards for safety precautions.

Why trust Elite Garage Door for your garage door maintenance?

Elite Garage Door has a proven track record of providing outstanding results for both our commercial and residential customers. We understand that each garage door is different and everyone has time constraints. That’s why we ensure that each customer is happy with their garage door repair. Contact us at Elite Garage Door at (612) 263-6234>.

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