Garage Door Service Golden Valley

Elite Garage Door is the best garage door repair company in Minnesota. We take pride in helping each of our customers with their garage door services, no matter how big or small it is. We offer both commercial & residential garage door service in Golden Valley. Give us a call today for your FREE onsite estimate for any garage door service you may have in Golden Valley at (763) 219-4911.

Some of our garage door services in Golden Valley include:

  • Cable Repair: When your garage door cable breaks, it can turn into an emergency right away. Trying to repair a garage door cable yourself can take hours and hours of time, especially if it’s hanging there by your cable. Give us a call today to replace a garage door cable at (763) 219-4911.
  • Torsion Spring Repair: Garage door springs are located on top of your garage door, and when one garage door spring breaks, both need to be replaced so that your garage door will function properly again. If your garage door spring breaks, you will notice it right away because your garage door will be unable to open properly.
  • Garage Door Opener Repair: A garage door opener has a lot of intricate parts to it. When your garage door opener stops working properly, it can be very difficult to try to fix it yourself. It can be from gears, electronic components and wires that can cause your garage door opener to stop working properly. Sometimes a garage door opener replacement is needed so that you can get your garage door opener back to working like new again.

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Give us a call today for your FREE onsite estimate of your garage door service in Golden Valley at (763) 219-4911. We take pride in working with each of our customers to ensure that they get the best garage door service available in the twin cities area. We have years of experience, an A+ rating with the BBB and hundreds of 5 star ratings online.

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