If you live in Minneapolis and are looking for reputable, affordable and dependable garage door repair, Elite Garage Door is the best choice for all your garage door service needs in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. We understand each customer and take time to show them what needs to be repaired to get their garage door to continue to work like new. Elite Garage Door is consistently being rated as the leader in garage door services in Minnesota. We service all makes and models of garage doors, both commercial and residential garage doors. If it’s a garage door, we can service it to work flawlessly again.

Our comprehensive garage door services in Minneapolis include:

Garage Door Drum Service: Garage door drums over a period of time eventually give in due to regular use. This can be difficult to repair for any garage door owner. It takes meticulous time and can take hours and hours to even replace correctly. Elite Garage Door provides FREE onsite estimates at (612) 263-6234.

Garage Door Opener Service: Garage door openers are known for having problems from everyday use after several years. Once this issue happens it can be very difficult to even begin to diagnose a problem. It could be electrical components, such as the computer, or it could be other wiring issues, such as a faulty sensor. Elite Garage Door can service all makes and models of garage door openers and can replace and install any model that you would like.

Garage Door Spring Service: Garage door springs are known for busting due to the cold temperatures of the Minnesota weather. Once this happens it can be difficult to fix it yourself. The specifications for each spring are different and must be set up correctly. Both springs must also be replaced at the same time to allow for no other problems to happen in the future with the one unchanged spring.

Elite Garage Door is here to help!

Give us a call today for a FREE onsite estimate at (612) 263-6234. Elite Garage Door is one of the premier garage door service companies in Minneapolis and the twin cities area. We take pride in helping out each and every customer so that they can get their garage door to work like new again.

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