Elite Garage door technician standing on a ladder tuning up a garage door.

Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

A garage door needs routine maintenance to make sure that it works properly for years to come. Every once in a while though, a garage door may have a smaller issue that pops up that doesn’t involve a garage door repair technician. It can be as simple as some extra lubrication or replacing your garage door opener batteries. We will go through this and much more to make sure if something is giving you a problem, you can fix the problem within minutes and start using your garage door again!

Garage Door Opener Light Blinking And Nothing Is Moving

A garage door sensor could stop working due to numerous reasons. All it takes is a slight bump or movement of your garage door sensor and now you can’t get your garage door to close! Common signs of a garage door sensor issue include garage door not moving when clicking the button or the biggest sign is your garage door opener light blinking. To remedy this problem you can adjust your garage door sensor to make sure that both of them are level and facing each other and not off balance. After doing this your garage door should be able to work properly if your sensors were off.

Clicking My Garage Door Opener Remote But Nothing Is Happening

Your garage door opener is constantly being used to lift and lower your garage door and if you use your garage door opener frequently then you may need to replace them. A great way of checking if your garage door opener remote batteries are bad and the main culprit is to use your garage door opener button located in your garage. If that button works but not your garage door opener remote, it’s time to change the batteries.

Garage Door Is Squeaking Loud When Opening & Closing Garage Door

A garage door after years of use could need to be lubricated if it’s squeaking. It’s an annoying sound when it doesn’t run up and down the tracks with ease and softly! So what can you do yourself to stop the noise? You can try to use something like PB Blaster Garage Door Lubricant and spray your garage door hinges and see if that helps. After years of use garage door hinges can become rusty, old and need to be replaced. If that doesn’t do it you might want to try to lubricate your rollers that go up and down your track, but don’t overdo it! Apply small amounts and try some here and there to see if that stops the noise. We find that 9 times out of 10 these tips can stop the noise!

Garage Door Opener Light No Longer Works

After years of use your garage door opener light will burn out. This can be annoying when you come home at night and you can no longer see in your garage when you pull into your garage door. Easily swapping out your light bulb with a new light bulb of the same type will easily fix this issue.

Garage Door Is Going Too Far Down And Hitting Ground Then Going Up

On your garage door opener is two different knobs that have an up and a down. This is usually located on the side of your garage door opener and can be accessed by lowering the plastic covers. Once you’re able to see it reference your garage door opener owners manual to see exactly how to adjust the garage door opener. This will allow you to lower your garage opener to the right height and prevent it from hitting the ground and going back up.

These tips and trips should be able to help you in troubleshooting the main simple garage door problems we encounter on a weekly basis here at Elite Garage Door. If you’ve been a customer of ours in the past, thanks again as we enjoyed servicing your garage door issues.