Is it Necessary to do Garage Door Installation by the Experts?

Home installations bring the temptation of doing everything on your own. After all, not needing extra help and installing something by hand is something to feel proud of and brag about! That’s probably why 34% of homeowners indulge in DIY home improvements.

 Garage doors seem like something you can crack just by watching a few YouTube tutorials or reading an instruction manual on the internet. While the step-by-step process may intrigue you to cut down the cost of hiring an expert, the risk of complications can cost you even more.

 An amateur-installed garage door may not function properly. You may even get hurt in the process of installing it! Hence, to avoid unnecessary injuries and eliminate the chances of ruining your door, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

 Still not convinced? Here are 5 more reasons why your best interests lie in hiring an expert to install your garage door.


professional garage door installer is highly equipped and experienced in the installation process. Therefore, it’s often super difficult to compete with their craft. They have plenty of information regarding garage door sizes, types of required protocols, and possible complications that can arise when a garage door is installed.

During the process, it is crucial to install components with adequate torque and know how each component interacts with another. It’s hard for a novice or amateur to understand these complexities fully. Years of experience make an expert’s job a walk in the park, saving your time and energy.


Garage doors fall on the heavier spectrum of home installments. They weigh significantly more than normal doors and can require additional assistance to lift them. Along with the added weight, they are pretty hard to maneuver, making them dangerous for amateurs.

Apart from the doors themselves, the tools required for the installation process need electricity, creating a safety hazard. Even one amateur mistake can lead to serious injuries like:

  • Crushed limbs due to a falling garage door
  • Lacerations caused by window glass
  • Shocks due to mishandling of appliances

 It is, therefore, best to prioritize safety and invest in a professional to install your garage door.

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While hiring an expert can look like you’re throwing money away, you will actually end up saving it. Most garage doors come with a warranty that can only be accessed if your door is installed by an expert or professional.

So, if your garage door requires repairs in the future or ends up getting misplaced, the company you hire will make repairs free of charge! In comparison to this, if you take the installation job upon yourself, you will end up paying more for future repairs and damages. The smart thing to do is to make use of your warranty and save your hard-earned money.


A credible garage door installation company puts effort into recognizing your needs and understanding the requirements for the garage door you wish to install. Their experience and expertise help them evaluate the small nooks and crannies you would ignore as a novice.

Things as small as balancing your garage door, ensuring proper spacing on the gasket seal, checking for obstructions, and testing the safety reverse features will be taken care of in the presence of an expert.

They may even help identify weatherstripping or suggest and implement improvements like adding a keypad to your garage door.

These small details make it worth hiring an expert for installation.


A garage door installation requires some standard set of tools such as:

  • Lock Pliers
  • A Cordless Drill, and
  • Winding Bars, among many others.

Handling these tools requires a substantial amount of technical knowledge. Even mere access to the right equipment can be difficult for an amateur. You can \end up using the wrong tools or using them in the wrong way, which can damage your garage door and create safety hazards.

An expert installer will know how to correctly use tools and line up components, from mounting the motor correctly and checking its functions to possessing the suitable opener for your garage door according to size and weight.

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Looking for an expert garage door installation company can also be tedious. Here are some tips to help you find the best garage door installing company:

1. Ignore Advertising

Just because a company spends a lot on advertising doesn’t mean it is credible. Don’t get persuaded by advertisements; do extensive research before hiring your garage door installer.

2. Compare Price Packages

Calling up different companies and asking about their price package is a helpful way to make the best decision regarding hiring an installation company. Do not forget to ask about hidden service charges! 

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3. Ask for References:

Once a company provides references, talk to them about their experience. This will narrow down your choices and help you pick the best of the best.


Hiring a professional for your garage door installation may seem like a gamble. However, in reality, it will provide you with an experience that guarantees peace of mind while saving you time and money.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free garage door installation process, Elite Garage Doors is just one call away. 

Good Luck!