Learn About The Different Types Of Garage Doors

The days of just one or two types of garage doors are over. Now you have many different options to choose from for your garage door. We will go through the benefits of each different material and some other features. A garage door is an important part of any home as it appeals to your curb appeal. A garage door being replaced can be due to regular wear and tear and becoming shot, or if you are looking for a fresh new look to the front of your homes desired look.

So what type of materials are the most popular that garage doors are made:

Wood: Garage doors made out of wood have been around for years. You can achieve many different looks and dimensions with a wood garage door. One drawback of a wood garage door is it does weight more(so it can put more wear on components) as well as it can need more upkeep with refinishing it later on after weathering takes place. But a wood garage door can be more resistant to some weather conditions such as hail.

Steel: The most common that we see today are steel garage doors. Steel garage doors are great and are a great middle ground between wooden garage doors and aluminum garage doors. Steel garage doors come in many different sizes and thickness types so you can tailor your specific needs with what you’re looking for.

Aluminum: This option is usually more expensive than the other 2, but aluminum looks great and can really showcase a very unique look and style for your home. We usually see this with customers looking to really increase their curb appeal for their house and make their house stand out from others. Aluminum garage doors are also seen a lot more in the commercial garage door industry.

Another Great Feature Of Garage Doors

Have you ever gone out to your garage in the winter months to find it’s extremely cold? Or have you gone out during the summer months to find it extremely hot? Well you could really benefit from insulated garage doors. An insulated garage door can really help you in the elements and depending on how often you’re in your garage, it can be a lifesaver for many individuals who work on their cars, spend time in their garage on a hobby, or even have a couch and a TV and entertain guests.

Different Garage Door Manufactures

From Hormann to Linear & North Central their are many different types of garage door manufacturers today. That’s great for you the consumer! It gives you more options and styles than ever before! If you’re ever looking to get a new garage door and want to see all of the different styles, colors and more get in contact with us today to start picking out your perfect garage door. You only get a new garage door a handful of times in your life, so make sure it’s one that you’ll love.