A new garage door on a storage shed in Mounds View

Just recently Elite Garage Door in Minnesota had a job completed in Mounds View. We worked with a customer to make sure their storage shed had a new set of garage doors that looked great and functioned smoothly. Getting a new garage door on a shed in the back yard is something that doesn’t happen often, but we were happy to help our customer.

The garage door specifications are a Hormann Gemini 2100 White Traditional Panel Non Insulated Door. This new garage door installation featured 90mph wind code bracing, new exterior seal and a locking T-Handle! We use Hormann for a good portion of our garage doors, as they are affordable, reliable and always look great!

Below is a picture of us leveling the panels on this garage door. It wasn’t very easy to do, as the shed was actually a little off balance, so we had to make sure everything was done to specifications to get the angles correct.

Making sure your tracks are even and balanced is a very important part to each garage door installation. It allows your whole garage door to function smoothly. If your garage door isn’t balanced correctly, you will have issues with your rollers, cables and other parts later on down the line.

The final product is a new set of garage doors that will look great for years to come! With the wind resistance and the great materials that Hormann uses on their garage doors, this garage will look great for years to come. Elite Garage Door only uses the best garage door products and manufacturers that carry the best warranties. That way you get a wonderful garage door for years to come. Give us a call for any of your garage door repair questions today!