Steel Garage Door Service

Steel Garage Door Service

Steel garage doors are great additions to any type of home. They can make a home look elegant and also modern. Elite Garage Door offers many different types of steel garage doors from all types of manufacturers. We can also do custom steel garage doors if you are looking for something more specific. On top of that Elite Garage Door also continues to be a leader in Steel Garage Door Service.

Steel Garage Door Repair

Repairing a steel garage door can be a difficult task for anyone who doesn’t have a trained eye. Elite Garage Door can diagnose any repair that you may need for your steel garage door. Whether your steel garage door needs a drum to be replaced, or even garage door spring, we can do it all. If you are having issues with your steel garage door, it can turn into a nightmare quickly. Being unable to open or close a garage door is a big nuisance in the end. Steel Garage Door Service is inevitable through time, but Elite Garage Door is the top choice for garage door repair throughout the twin cities.

Steel Garage Door Replacement & Installation

If you have an older steel garage, it may be time to replace it. Steel garage door replacement isn’t an easy task for anyone. It can cause issues with removing specific types of sections and trying to get the garage door off the tracks can cause issues. Our professional garage door technicians are specifically trained to handle steel garage door replacements. Elite Garage Door also offers steel garage door installation for home owners. This is especially useful for construction firms or new home owners that are looking for trustworthy steel garage door installers.

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Elite Garage Door is one of the twin cities most dependable garage door repair companies. It doesn’t matter if you have a smaller task such as a steel garage door spring repair or a bigger task such as steel garage door installation, we can do it all. Call us today for a FREE onsite estimate at (612) 263-6234.