Garage Door Spring Repair St. Louis Park

Has your garage door spring broke? When it happens you will notice a difference right away in the functionality of your garage door. When you click your garage door opener, it won’t raise your garage door at all because the weight is too much now that the spring is broken. Garage door springs help in the balance of the weight of your garage door. Garage doors usually have two springs above the garage door and when one breaks, both must be replaced to ensure the integrity of your garage door. Elite Garage Door has been providing St. Louis Park garage door spring repairs for year now. We enjoy helping out each of our garage door customers so that their garage door can function smoothly again.

Reasons a garage door spring fails:

  • Regular wear and tear: Over years of use, a spring eventually starts to lose it’s strength and will eventually snap. If this happens the only solution is to replace both springs to make sure the other spring doesn’t break shortly down the road.
  • Rust: As soon as your garage door gets rusty, it’s only a matter of time before it will bust. Rust and corrosion cause any metal parts to break faster over time.
  • Cold: The cold MN weather is known to cause springs, cables and other garage door parts to break faster than usual.

Benefits of using Elite Garage Door for your St. Louis Park garage door spring repair:

  • Affordable: We offer affordable garage door repair for any of your garage door repair needs. We work directly with parts manufacturers to get you the best garage door spring repair price available.
  • Professional: We have hundreds of 5 star ratings online. We also only use the best garage door employees that come wearing uniforms and drive company vehicles.
  • Fast: We offer same day service for any of your garage door repair needs.
  • Safety: We are bonded & insured.
  • Warranties: We offer limited lifetime warranties on parts and labor.

Contact Elite Garage Door for your garage door spring replacement in St. Louis Park, MN

Give us a call today for your FREE onsite estimate at (952) 960-2809. Elite Garage Door enjoys helping out each of our customers so that we can get you the best garage door repair price available. Call now so we can get your garage door functioning like new again.

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