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Elite Garage Door has been providing fast and effective garage door repair services in Vadnais Heights for years now. We understand that each and every customer is looking for cost-effective garage door repairs. Elite Garage Door is rated 5 stars by over 1,100+ customers in the Twin Cities area.

We can service all makes and models of garage doors, everything from commercial garage doors to residential garage doors. From garage door hinges and springs to garage door drums and even a full garage door replacement, we can do it all. Give us a call today for a FREE onsite quote at (651) 300-0960.

Some of the garage door repair services we offer in Vadnais Heights:

  • Drum Repair: Garage door drums are essential components that bear the brunt of daily wear and tear. Like all other elements of your garage door, drums can deteriorate over time, leading to potential garage door issues with the cables.Once a garage door drum exhibits signs of damage, it may disrupt the smooth operation of the entire system, necessitating immediate attention. In such instances, it is highly recommended to replace both garage door drums to ensure balanced and optimal performance.
  • Cable Repair: Much like drums, garage door cables are subjected to continuous stress and, over time, are susceptible to wear and tear. The gradual degradation can lead to the eventual snapping of the cables, a situation that demands prompt replacement. To maintain the integrity of your garage door system, it is advisable to replace both garage door cables simultaneously and track repair cables.
  • Garage Door Replacement: Garage door parts, over prolonged periods of use, experience weathering and, on occasion, incur damage due to vehicular incidents or other unforeseen mishaps. Depending on the extent of the damage, you might find yourself needing to replace only a few panels.

Benefits of using Elite Garage Door:

  • Quality: WIth over 1,1-00+ 5 star reviews online, you know that you’re getting the best garage door company available for any of your garage door service needs.
  • Fast: We have trained technicians standing by so that you can get your garage door repaired, usually on the same day.
  • Professional: Our hundreds of 5-star ratings Google ratings show that we enjoy leaving each and every customer satisfied with their garage door repair in Vadnais Heights MN.

Contact Elite Garage Door today at (651) 300-0960 for a FREE onsite quote. We enjoy offering same-day service for all of our garage door repairs. Call now!

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