Same Day Garage Door Replacement at Blaine, MN

A malfunctioning garage door or parts of it can be the most inconvenient thing to the homeowners. The most common problem associated with a garage door is the tracking. However, it is not uncommon for some doors to have problems with the panels as well.

As is the nature of mechanical problems, you can never predict when your garage door decides to stop functioning or start showing problems. There can also be situations when the garage door gets damaged by accident. If ever you run into such unexpected problems with your garage doors, we are here to bail you out and fix the garage door.

At Elite Garage Door Services, LLC, we take great pride in installing and replacing damaged garage doors in the same day. We have an excellent team on the ready to take care of this unexpected problem faced by our clients.

The size of the doors, the designs as well as the features can be customized to your exact specifications. You might choose a basic garage door with simplistic designs and features. Of course, you can go all out and choose the fanciest garage doors with state of the art features.

Same Day Garage Door Replacement Service at Blaine, MN

On a recent project, we replaced a door on the same day. As you can see from the pictures, we replaced the old door with a thick door made of steel. The door was insulated and also featured weather seal as it was damaged when the clients ran into the garage door by accident. 

We have the best competitive prices which will suit every client’s wallet. Irrespective of your location and the size of your project, we are also ready to come to your location and provide a free estimate. Give us a call today or alternatively use the form on our website to get a free estimate.