When To Call A Garage Door Repair Company

A garage door is a very important part of your garage door. When your garage door breaks or malfunctions, it can be a hard issue to try to diagnose yourself. Here are a few issues that can happen to your garage door that need to be repaired as soon as possible to ensure that your garage door works quickly again. If you see that you have any of these issues listed below, give Elite Garage Door a call today at (612) 263-6234.

Broken Garage Door Cables

A broken garage door cable is a big issue with a garage door. Cables assist in raising and lowering your garage door, and when they break your whole garage door will look like it’s hanging by a thread. Hopefully your other garage door cable isn’t badly rusted or worn as well as that can make your garage door break both cables and could cause issues with your garage door hinges or rollers.

Busted Garage Door Spring

When a garage door spring breaks, it can be scary once it happens. If you are their during the spring breaking you will most likely hear a large snap and see the issue fully when you turn your garage door opener on and your garage door won’t lift up because it weighs too much. A garage door spring assists in lowering the weight of your garage door so your opener can easily pull it up and down the tracks. A garage door spring needs to be replaced as soon as possible so your don’t damage your garage door opener and so that your garage door can work properly again. Replacing and pressurizing your garage door spring yourself can be dangerous, that’s why Elite Garage Door is your best option.

Clunky, Slow or Non-Working Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener plays an important role in lifting and lowering your garage door. Once it breaks it can be from a lot of issues. Anything from an electrical problem to broken gears or even an old garage door opener that needs to be replaced, all of these issues need to be taken care of right away to make sure your garage door can lift and lower again. Trying to diagnose a garage door opener issue is difficult since their are so many parts to a garage door opener and not knowing exactly which part drives which mechanism can make it harder to repair it yourself.

Broken Garage Door Panels

The panels of your garage door are important for two reasons, functionality and for cosmetics of your home. Once your garage door gets damaged by storm damage, a car running into it, or any reason at all, you need to have either your whole garage door replaced, depending on the damage, or just specific panels replaced. We can replace your panels as long as your garage door is still being manufactured. This is great because you can save money on the repair and not have to replace your whole garage door if it isn’t too old.

Contact Elite Garage Door Today

Give us a call today for any of your garage door repair needs. Trying to fix and find the exact problem to your garage door issue can be hard to do it yourself, that’s why you should call the experts at Elite Garage Door at (612) 263-6234. We have technicians with years of experience and don’t use any subcontractors, only employees from our local family owned business.